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knoppies i am not sure what russian cbilljones: no problem cbilljones: if you had that much trouble, you are going to have to run it with a emulator, unless your a fan of remaking old arcade games I have an external USB hard disk. The disk mounts as /dev/sdb1. When I unmount it with'sudo umount /dev/sdb1', does that mean it is no longer mounted? michael_jk: not necessarily so... wols: I know not necessarily, but I wanted to be sure. I am trying to recover the data. wols: do you think it is safe to assume that if I unmount the disk, it is not in use anymore? wols: so if I unmount it, am I safe to assume that it is not being used by anything? michael_jk: in case you are the only one using it, it will get unmounted in a minute or so so the system will not do anything unusual with it until it does cbilljones: it would be a good idea to backup, i would install ubuntu and load the partition where the game was installed cbilljones: good luck, wish i could help ya wols: Okay, thank you. then you use file recovery software to recover it wols: will try is there a good way to change the title of an application using a script? for example: killall chromium-browser would change the title of the application to "chrome" knopies: usermod -l "new-title" old-name wols: i have tried that, i think its calling it in a wrong directory because its calling all the files with the old title then where is it calling



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Batman Arkham Asylum Goty Crack No Cd

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